Meet the team – Roy Baxendell

Posted on 15-05-2020

Here at NGC we are proud of all our employees and contractors, so much so we like to tell you all about them.

Meet Roy.

Roy has been with NGC for 9 months and is the NGC Training & Quality Officer.

We asked Roy a few questions so you can get to know him better.


What is your role at NGC? 

I am the Training & Quality Officer for NGC Logistics. Some of my responsibilities are setting up and developing an internal driver training academy and quality department in order to ensure high standards of service for our customers. This will also offer our drivers and contractors the opportunity to understand how to deliver consistently high standards.


How does this position fit in with the rest of the organisation?

It is an essential cog in the development of the business so that we can ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and innovative approach to training. The training department reviews current methods of delivery and also looks outside the box. A great example of this is when we recently introduced online videos to train our contractor drivers in end to end process ranging from how to safely enter an Amazon site through to end delivery to the customer. This meant that we continued operating seamlessly with no reduction in service to our clients due to Covid-19 restrictions.



What will be the biggest challenge for someone in this position?

In many businesses they already have a trainer but in the case of NGC we started to build the foundations for success by employing our own in-house trainer. The challenge is to take all the operational areas where training may be required and where relevant design, write, sign off and implement. The results in effective training courses for both our contract drivers and employed staff in the 2- man operation which exceed the customers’ expectations. It is a great challenge and already our customers have seen the changes we have made and how this has supported their business as it grows.


What interested you in NGC?

I have always had a passion for supporting people in their learning and development. During my discussion with Farooq and Elaine in the early days I recognised that the vision and passion they both had matched my skills obtained over many years in training and felt that I would fit perfectly into the NGC family culture. They have also allowed me to use my skills and knowledge to develop training programs that meet the needs of the business and our customer’s.


How would you describe the company culture at NGC?

NGC is a family and since I joined, I have seen that the company values and culture is a perfect fit for me. We talk about excellence and that is clear as we all strive to be better. We are encouraged to use innovation to overcome obstacles so that we create a clear path for success. We are given the responsibility to do things differently without fearing failure. Finally, when things are not going to plan, we are treated with integrity where we can make mistakes, but they are viewed as a learning opportunity. My nine months on the journey have shown me the shared passion we all have to making this business a success.


How would your colleagues describe you?

I believe they will say, “committed to the cause, supportive and creative plus self-motivated and can be relied on to take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity for success within NGC Logistics.”


How would you describe yourself?

I am passionate about training and my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. My passion has led me to challenge myself and learn new skills, allowing me to be better at what I do. That is evident as I taught myself how to create videos which are now visible on NGC Logistics You Tube Channel. I am also a peoples’ person; I love meeting new people and can build a rapport very quickly that makes people feel comfortable in my presence. This is important in delivering training to the many people I meet in NGC Logistics.


Describe your career history and future goals in 30 seconds?

I started out as a field service engineer with Hotpoint, one of the first washing machines I ever fixed was Gary Lineker’s. Then was promoted to project manager and developed the first help desk for customer advice before moving onto delivering Six Sigma to the service organisation as a Black Belt. I finished my career in Hotpoint after 30 years as a Training Instructor for the field so went full circle.

I then moved onto as their Product Specialist Trainer delivering technical and customer service training to the call centre on all product categories. This job was diverse as one day I could be delivering installation training on washing machines, the next benefits of the different coffee machines on the market. In my first year with AO I received the “Caring Award” as voted by all employees, for the support I gave to all areas of the business.

That journey helped when NGC were looking for a trainer to approach myself and we can say the rest is history. There is a new challenge to create an NGC Driver Training Academy and put NGC Logistics firmly on the map.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love theatre and I am part of the Revellers Amateur Dramatical Society which allows me to not only act in our shows but I control the sound and lighting system with a team to ensure they all sound great to the audience on stage. In my spare time I also play football, enjoy playing golf with an aim this year to reduce my handicap from 15 to a l0 now that I can play more often.


Who inspires you?

I was taught at an early age by my mother to “treat people how you would like to be treated yourself” that has stayed with me in all of my career. That was so true when I was asked whilst at Hotpoint to support DIY SOS on a build supplying and fitting all the electrical appliances. It was so satisfying being part of it so if you see a past episode, I may be there for all to see. Always be kind, courteous and helpful to others and give support when required. So I have to say my mother inspired me and set me up for life ahead. God rest her soul……


Where is your favourite place in the world?

It has to be the Maldives, went their many years ago and fell in love with the tranquillity of the place. The sandy beaches, tropical fish, the sense of freedom as life passes you by – heaven.


What is your favourite movie?

It has to be “The Greatest Showman” . I can watch clips of that movie over and over again and not get bored. Lord of the Rings trilogy are also great movies that you can watch many times.


What are you passionate about?

It has to be Liverpool Football Club; life stops in our house when they are on. The Father in Law will not stay at ours if Liverpool are playing because I get so passionate and scream when they score, and he does not want a heart attack. I can say I was there when we beat Barcelona at Anfield last year in the Champions League Semi-Final. YNWA…..