NGC employees and contractors team up to volunteer and give help amid COVID-19 crisis

Posted on 04-05-2020

HIG1 and HRM2 XL teams, are helping to keep vulnerable and elderly residents in Enfield (London) healthy and safe during the corona virus crisis.
NGC contractors have a key role in delivering to the population during the Covid-19 lockdown, but the teams from Enfield and Romford went a step further by volunteering to help Age UK Enfield (leading charity for older people) to make a positive impact in the community by delivering 250 informational packs containing important heath and wellbeing information to vulnerable residents in Enfield.
One of the NGC contractor volunteers, Adrian Macovei, said: “I’m glad we can use our combined skills and experience to help the community during this difficult time.”

Victor Heraclito, NGC contractor volunteer said: “I’m really happy we could help Age UK, today was a really inspiring day and motivated me to keep volunteering “

A big thank you from NGC to our CSM Luciana who not only helped to deliver the packs but also helped to organise the event, also thank you to Adrian and Victor for joining NGC on this good cause. The world and NGC need people like you!