Competing with an Effective Supply Chain

Posted on 16-10-2017


There are many elements to a successful business – a great product or service, lots of demand and a healthy supply.

And logistics – the art of moving it all from place to place, on time and precisely as it should be every single time – could be the most vital.

Get it wrong, and you could be in trouble. Get it right, and you’ll not only watch your business grow, but your customers’ businesses too.

“Pleasing the customer’s customer is the recipe for success,” says Kevin Savage, Operations Director of NGC, which has just opened a new 25,000 sq. ft unit on Tingewick Road in Buckingham.

“Without a solid logistics operation in place, you can’t reach your customers in time, you can’t provide for their needs. This has knock-on effect up and down the supply chain. If they lose business, so do you.”

For some businesses, logistics is a complex process involving aligning transportation, shipping and receiving, imports and exports, warehousing, purchasing and production.

With so many moving parts, a small mistake can add up to a big loss, both in terms of revenue and damaged reputation.

“Providing the right product, at the right place and in the right time frame, with minimal damages and returns at a competitive cost is a balancing act,” adds Kevin.

“At NGC Logistics, we measure everything. Performance measures are down to the minute.


“Our management team implement continuous improvement programmes to hone operations and increase customer service at every opportunity.”

Small to medium enterprises often face a choice between a small, cost competitive service of poorer quality, or a larger company where the quality of service is higher but the cost is prohibitively expensive. It means it pays to find a logistics that can offer multi-modal global networks, storage facilities and a range of delivery solutions.

Getting it right can give you the edge over competitors, particularly in an age when customers expect goods and services, on time and just right. Getting to know your customer, says Kevin, is key.

“It’s very important to understand your client, what they are looking for and how they want that delivered. Pay attention to these things whether you’re dealing with the smallest of businesses or a multimillion-pound company.”


Early this year, NGC opened a new 25,000 square ft unit on Tingewick Road in Buckingham. To find out how NGC can help you, email or call 01280 313666.