A significant portion of the logistics industry is rooted in asphalt, and ‘road rage’ is just not welcome.

Let’s face it. When out on the road, there are times when many motorists can feel frustrated. Recent Gallup poll statistics show that nearly 9 out of 10 UK drivers have experienced road rage first hand, with around 70% committing the offence and about 80% being victims of it. Us UK folk actually hold the world title for biggest road rage nation. However, it’s a problem seen in most countries. Even the AAA Foundation in the US reports that nearly 56% of fatal crashes happen because of potentially aggressive actions.

The great thing about the logistics industry, is that we are constantly surrounded by a network of professional drivers. Each well versed in the world of transport and the behaviors that come with it. It is always a good idea to be aware of these traits so that when the need arises, we can remember and apply. Here are some top tips from our experts and veterans of the road to stay calm and safe.


If you see it

Now and again, we spot the odd shaking fist, honk or a straight flipping off. Unfortunately in some cases, such gestures are just the first link in a chain of events. As propagators of safety, we do not want an escalation for anyone. Consider the following:


If you feel it

Professor Zhen Yan of State University of New York proved that stress clouds our thinking and impairs our decision making abilities. There is a range of precautions we can take to make our journey on the road as stress-free as possible.


For more information on the topics of road safety, please visit http://think.direct.gov.uk/ and www.rospa.com

If you feel like talking to someone about stress, the Samaritans run a 24 hour help line. Please call 116 123.

The Buckingham County Road Safety Community Charity Campaign has gained another supporter. NGC has joined the cause for a safer and more aware Buckingham. Working with local community establishments including businesses, schools, clinics and council buildings, the Government’s ‘Think!’ Road Safety Campaign and European Commission – Road Safety organization are using sponsor funding to distribute educational posters and charts on the principles of correct road safety. These materials will particularly focus on the issues of children’s safety, driver behavior and speed.

This move directly resonates with NGC’s core values, especially Integrity and Responsibility. According to the FTA Logistics Report 2016 “Van traffic is expected to rise by 78 per cent between 2010 and 2040 and HGV traffic by 22 per cent”. As a logistics firm, NGC primarily deals with such vehicles and as the organization expands, NGC is equally concerned about the safety of road users and pedestrians around delivery operations.

Sporting a positive attitude toward road safety highlights the ethical and responsible stance of NGC; a clear gesture of doing the right thing. NGC can operate in confidence knowing each driver associate that works to provide services for our clients will whole heartedly support the campaign and its principles.